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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

What's wrong with a bit of common sense when so much is at stake? Clearly we all are het-up by the B....t. Regardless of the side one is on we can add a couple of perhaps unwanted pearls of wisdom.

Pearl 1. Companies run by me in the UK and in Scandinavia by Jorgen, aways had a strong international outlook, both is gaining the international market presence and engage with foreign elements of the supply chain. There was no EU (remember EEC and before?). WTO was a paper tiger and EFTA kinda existed. We always found a mutually profitable way and it always worked smoothly. Parts that were occasionally troublesome had nothing to do with any customs unions - letters of credit or bank transfer paperwork come to mind. There isn't much to fear.

Pearl 2. During my first corporate job out of Uni I witnessed an incident when at the moment of the opening of a first and a flagship store someone messed up electrics and about 1,000+ gallons of water rushed down destroying all and dispersing some dignitaries. In all the panic the chairman pulled me aside and his words were: "son, whatever the situation - make the best of it you can - that's all that really matters".

In this area I laud lots of UK businesses (from banks to factories) I spoke with, that calmly and professionally established 'no-deal friendly' methods and organisations to continue on 'as was' basis. None we spoke with were in any way supporting the doomsday stuff.

Lastly - all the mess with backstop renegotiations offers one wisdom. It is best to at least scan a negotiation do's add don'ts BEFORE engaging a partner or an opponent - if you like.

For example, a most mysterious (at least to No10) rule is - do not give unconditional benefits away unless they do too - of an equal or a better value simultaneously. Or perhaps - do not allow them to push their problems on you - as yours to solve. Brutally put we will keep the Irish border. If they don't or won't - how is it our burden?

Fearless and ready!

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