• Mark

Do or Die? Retail in a flux...

it is a truism that new tech is disrupting the game. One could easily defend the statement that at the extreme end METHOD trumps the offer/concept/operation. It's heart-breaking to mention the demise of the retail leaders of previous decades caught holding the unwieldy, immovable object of no longer needed stores estate AND pathetic or non-existing new tech modus operandi but: Debenhams, House of Fraser, French Connection, Maplins are too visible. Even if you look at the focus of leisure/local life in the US: the Shopping Mall you will see that over 225 out of the 1175 strong estate have now closed the doors. Is this the end of things as we know them? No way. Look at NEXT for example. 700 stores (including 200 abroad) and thriving like never before! In hardcore terms their share price rose by about 2400% since the crisis of '89-90.

They weathered the tripartite perfect storm of onset of the Machine Learning (AI - ugh it's not 'intelligent' ), uneconomic rents and the most disloyal consumers since the beginning of the modern era. HOW to do it - in the next instalment.


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